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Year in Cardiology 2017

Dialogues Cardiovasc Med. 2017;23:1


Roberto Ferrari, MD, PhD (Italy) & Kim Fox, MD, FRCP (UK)



Snapshot in Cardiology

Roberto Ferrari, MD, PhD (Italy) & Kim Fox, MD, FRCP (UK)



New Therapies & Technologies


Scientific advances in atrial fibrillation and arrhythmias

Panos Vardas (Greece)



Innovations in coronary artery disease: a bench-to-bedside approach

Basil S. Lewis (Israel)



Cardiac rehabilitation: what are the latest advances?

Massimo F. Piepoli (Italy)



Digital health: hype or hope?

Martin R. Cowie (UK)



New cardiovascular disease therapies: life prolongation, but at what cost?

Luis A. M. César (Brazil)



Treatment Adherence


How to assess and improve patient adherence to hypertension treatment?

Krzysztof Narkiewicz (Poland)



Impact of adherence on angina control

Fausto J. Pinto (Portugal)



Guidelines, Trials, & Registries


Heart failure: trial results, guidelines, and more

Petar M. Seferović (Serbia)



Top cardiovascular research in 2017

Luis H. W. Gowdak (Brazil)



Is the devil in the detail? Autopsies of neutral heart failure trials

Ola Vedin (Sweden)



The first results from the optimize heart failure care program

Yuri Lopatin (Russian Federation)



Update on the ESC EURObservational Research Programme registries

Gianluigi Savarese & Francesco Cosentino (Sweden)





Heart failure: what’s new in 2017?

Jeffrey S. Borer (USA)



Left ventricular filling pressure, diastolic function, and heart rate

Patrizio Lancellotti (Belgium)



Cardiovascular disease in women: how well are we doing?

David del Val Martin & José L. Zamorano (Spain)



Heart failure and diabetes mellitus: dangerous liasons

Michel Komajda (France)



Percutaneous coronary angioplasty: 40-year anniversary

Alexander N. Parkhomenko & Olga S. Gurjeva (Ukraine)



News from the 2017 American Heart Association Congress

Christoph Maack (Germany)