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Instructions for authors



Manuscripts should be submitted as a Word file by e-mail to Sophie Nisse-Durgeat (sophie.nisse-durgeat@servier.com).

Title Page

The title page should include a title, the full names of all the authors, the highest academic degrees of all authors (in country of origin language) as well as fellowship designations and honorary degrees, affi­ liations (names of department(s) and institution(s) at the time the work was done), 5 to 10 keywords, the corresponding author’s complete mailing address, telephone, e-mail, and acknowledgements.


All texts should be submitted in English. Authors who do not write fluently in English are strongly advised to have their article checked by a native or fluent English speaker before submission. Abbreviations should be used sparingly. The style of headings and subheadings should be consistent throughout the text. The edito- rial office reserves the right to modify, add or delete headings, and change their level when necessary. Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine uses SI units and generic names of drugs.


Full statements of funding acknowledgments and disclosure of conflicts of interest must be included at the end of the article.


The authors bear total responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of all references and for correct text citation.

Citation in text

All references should be cited in the text and numbered consecutively using superscript Arabic numerals.

Reference list

Presentation of the references should be AMA style:

  • Author(s). Title. Journal Name [using National Library of Medicine abbreviations]. Year;vol:inclusive pages.
  • Abbreviate and italicize journal names using National Library of Medicine abbreviations at http://www.ncbi. nlm.nih.gov/nlmcatalog/journals.
  • List all authors unless there are more than six. If there are more than six, list the first three then use “et al.”
  • Use authors’ last name followed by initials. No periods after initials. Separate names with commas.

Example of style for references

Journal articles

  • Hylek EM, Evans-Molina C, Shea C, Henault LE, Regan S. Major hemorrhage and tolerability of warfarin in the first year of therapy among elderly patients with atrial fibrillation. Circulation. 2007;115:2689-2696.
  • Connolly SJ, Camm AJ, Halperin JL, et al; PALLAS Investigators. Dronedarone in high-risk permanent atrial fibrillation. N Engl J Med. 2011;365:2268-2276.

Chapter in a book

  • Green J, Naylor L, George K, Dempsey J, Stickland M, Katayama K. Cardiovascular and pulmonary adaptations to endurance exercise. In: Taylor N, Groeller H, eds. Physiological Bases of Human Perfomance During Work and Exercise. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Ltd; 2008:49-70.

Web-based material

  • American College of Cardiolog y. CardioSmart. https://www.cardiosmart.org. Accessed May 11, 2016.


Figure and tables should be original (ie, not previously published) with print-quality resolution (ie, a 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF image). As figures and graphs may need to be reduced or enlarged, all absolute values and statis- tics should be provided. All figures and tables should be numbered and cited in the text. Legends should be provided for all figures and tables, with a short main legend (of no more than a total of 100 characters and spaces), followed by additional explanations, where necessary.


Peer review

All contributions to Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine will be reviewed by the Editors and submitted to expert consultants for peer review. All contributions should be original review articles.

Editorial processing

All manuscripts are copyedited according to the guidelines of the latest online edition of the American Medical Association Manual of Style, Oxford University Press. The spelling used is American (reference dictionaries: latest editions of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, and Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary).

Duplicate content detection software

All manuscripts are run through iThenticate http://www.ithenticate.com.


Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for approval in PDF format by e-mail. Author correc- tions should be returned within the specified time by e­mail. If this deadline is not met, the editorial office will assume that the author accepts the proofs as they stand, including changes made by the editorial office. Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work, including changes made by the editorial office and authorized by the author.



Requests for permission to reproduce material published in Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine should be sent directly to the editorial office (sherri.smith@servier.com).

Transfer of copyright

Copyright of articles will be transferred to the publisher of Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine. The Copyright Transfer Agreement must be signed by all authors and returned to the publisher by e-mail.


Expert Opinions

Main text: 1500 words. Figures and tables: none. Keywords: 5 to 10. References: no more than 5.

Key Abstract Presentations

Main text: 1000 words. Figure and tables: none. Keywords: 5 to 10. References: no more than 5.

Short Reports

Main text: 1500 words. Figures and tables: none. Keywords: 5 to 10. References: no more than 5.